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Keeping Track of Credentials

Under the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, it's recognised that safety and quality of care will be at risk if the workforce does not have the appropriate level of skill or experience. While this is equally true for the safety and quality of service in any other industry, the detail required and the risks involved make tracking credentials one of the most difficult parts of HR management in healthcare.

Winds of Change in Healthcare

With the imminent release of the next ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard, as well as a new draft of the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards (NSQHSS) and a review of the Credentialing/Scope of Clinical Practice Standard, there are big changes coming for health practitioners in Australia.

Major vs. Minor Nonconformity

Although the standard does not make this distinction, many businesses choose to handle minor and major nonconformities differently. This approach helps make sure resources are directed appropriately. However, you can't simply decide to ignore minor problems. Many small issues add up to a major problem.

New Year's Resolutions and a Lean QMS

While the popular press is awash with various weight loss strategies for achieving a common personal New Year's resolution, you might like to try the business version - reducing waste (rather than 'waist') to become more "Lean".

Inspection and Test Plans

Inspection and Test Plans set out critical control points or 'hold points' where you will conduct an inspection or check in order to verify that things are progressing as they should be. For ISO 9001, it's part of Monitoring and Measurement.

Avoiding written procedures.

If a picture tells a thousand words, can you use one instead of words for procedures and work instructions? What about videos? Have a look at how to include this kind of "non-written" documentation in QSToolbox in a way that's best for mobile users.

Follow the Customer Order to Quality

When implementing a new ISO9001 Quality Management System, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin. A common question is 'which procedures do I need to document?". Here's a way to help you find out which procedures your company needs to control to ensure quality, and how much to document.